Photographer: Xárene Eskandar

Sean Moss-Pultz is a pioneer at the intersection of technology and property rights as the co-founder and CEO of Bitmark. His company focuses on digital ownership and licensing, bringing the concept of property rights into the digital age. In collaboration with Casey Reas, Sean co-created Feral File, a leading global art gallery hosting transformative exhibitions by some of the most celebrated digital artists. Recognized as a pioneer of open-source hardware, Sean launched Openmoko, the first open-source phone, and served as its CEO. Openmoko was a precursor to iPhone and Android smartphones. He holds bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and physics from UC San Diego.

Sean is available to speak on blockchain, privacy, and digital property rights.

Sean Moss-Pultz 是結合技術與產權的先驅,也是 Bitmark 的共同創辦人兼執行長。他的公司專注於數位所有權和授權,將產權的概念帶入數位時代。Sean 與 Casey Reas 合作創立了 Feral File,一家卓越的全球性藝廊,展出一些最受愛戴的數位藝術家們具變革性的展覽。Sean 也是公認的開源硬體先驅,曾推出第一款開源手機 Openmoko,並擔任其公司的 CEO。Openmoko 是 iPhone 和 Android 等智慧型手機的前身。 Sean 擁有加州大學聖地牙哥分校的數學及物理學學士學位。