Photographer: Xárene Eskandar

Sean Moss-Pultz is a pioneer at the intersection of technology and property rights as the co-founder and CEO of Bitmark. His company focuses on digital ownership and licensing, bringing the concept of property rights into the information age. In collaboration with Casey Reas, Sean co-created Feral File, an online cultural institution for software art. Feral File collaborates with artists, curators, and institutions to produce genre-defining exhibitions and build tools that help people live with and appreciate contemporary, file-based artworks. Recognized as a pioneer of open-source hardware, Sean launched Openmoko, the first open-source phone, and served as its CEO. Openmoko was a precursor to iPhone and Android smartphones. He holds bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and physics from UC San Diego.

Sean is available to speak on blockchain, privacy, and digital property rights.